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At Prosper Retirement Partners, LLC, the focus is on ensuring California business owners can offer viable retirement plans to their employees. We make use of current financial technology to provide the best possible support, and to ensure no detail is overlooked when it comes to plan structure, administration, or keeping records up to date. You'll find that our efforts ensure our retirement plans are also more affordable than most of the retail market.

You get a lot with us. Flexible plan options, abundance of support, and real-time management are only part of the package. Here's a few ideas on what else we can do:

Expeditious Plan Establishment

Overwhelmed by the idea of setting up a plan? Don't worry; we know what to do. We offer set-ups that are simple, easy to understand, and fast. Many can start a plan in as little as five minutes.

Easy Payroll-Incorporation

Is the payroll managed by your own team, or do you have a third party who takes care of it? In either scenario adding payroll data, employee census and 401(k) information to our platform is simple.

Sensible Investment Options

Access to mutual funds, ETFs, CITs, and institutional investment funds are just some of the options you can consider. Best of all, our approach allows you to save money while ensuring the right investments continue to support your company’s retirement plan.

Total Fiduciary Support

It is imperative you remain in full compliance with ERISA requirements. Rest assured that our solutions are built to unburden business owners of their plan duties thereby outsourcing its administration with full fiduciary protection.

The Solutions Prosper Retirement Offers


Discuss and compare features with our team to build a plan that best works for your company. As we are detail-oriented, we will consider entry dates, eligibility requirements, and strategies for profit sharing. Once your plan is implemented, we'll be there to offer ongoing consulting and participant support.


We seek to ensure plan administration is as straightforward as possible, whereby we combine our services. Certifying the plan is fully compliant with all current IRS and SEC regulations along with federal requirements; we are a 3(16) Fiduciary Administrator, trust us to keep your plan in compliance.


Through Prosper Retirement Partners, you have access to Fiduciary Insight, our 3(38) Investment Manager partners Fi401k Advisors. That means having experts who can provide sound advice on investment selections. Tell us what you have in mind, and we'll come up with suggestions that are in line with what you want.


Sponsoring a workplace retirement plan means providing quarterly information to participants on a regular basis, including any notices or disclosures that are required by law. Along with making sure your plan participants are kept up to date, our team is here to ensure your tax filings are in order. We can also take care of administering the annual non-discrimination test and keeping you in the loop on the results.

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